Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Life is a bacon sandwich

We had such delicious salads on the course last week, that I considered – again - becoming a vegetarian, like so many of my immediate family. But then waiting for the train home on the station platform, another student and I smelled bacon, and we simultaneously sniffed and said - “Ooh, bacon!”

Bacon is definitely the deal breaker when it comes to giving up meat. I heard on the news that every bacon sandwich you eat takes an hour off your life. I didn’t pause much for thought, not because I don’t value every moment, but because I believe I have bacon-proof genes. My mother lived to be 91 and my father 84, and they certainly never knowingly turned down a bacon sandwich.

Bearing all this in mind I was still rather discomfited by something that happened on Monday when I was having lunch at Hassop Station with Chrissie Poulson, crime writer extraordinaire.


The lovely Lisa, who usually works in the bookshop, was working in the cafe that day. She’s only ever sold me books, but when she brought our orders to the table – an LBT with salad, and summer vegetable soup - she said “Hi Sue, I guess this is yours,” and handed me the LBT. Chrissie got the soup.

“How did you know?” I asked, aghast.

She merely laughed.

It’s worrying, though. Can you tell someone loves bacon sandwiches just by looking at them?


This is an LBT I ate in the Big Sur last year, and you need to know that I took the photo because I was so impressed by the compostable box.

Almost forgot – the publisher has slashed the price of the ebook editions of my comic novels, Plotting for Beginners and Plotting for Grown-ups, to 99 pence in the UK and 99 cents in the US. Be a peach, and tell everyone you know.

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