Sunday, November 16, 2014

You can’t please everyone

I recently got some feedback on Plotting for Grown-ups, at second-hand. Some of you will have read the book and have your own opinions. The person who gave the feedback didn’t think much of the book, though she did say there were some laugh out loud moments. What made me laugh was when she said that 60 year old Sally’s language was “like a teenager’s. I know that is how young people talk, but it didn’t quite come off in a 60 year old.”

It’s a good job she hasn’t met me, because I talk a lot like Sally. And I am over 60. I’m tempted to say “So nerhh to her!” but that would be juvenile, and I’m never that. Oh no.

If I’m not feeling vulnerable I can take criticism of my published books on the chin. If someone gives the book a really low rating, I just think - “It may not be brilliant, but it’s not a bad book” or “They just don’t get it.”

Yesterday I found a new review on Amazon of BUT I TOLD YOU LAST YEAR THAT I LOVED YOU and it made my weekend. Look, I tell you when I’m fed up, or desperate, or worried, or grieving, don’t I?  So I think it’s OK to tell you when I’m delighted…to show you the review – because it’s really lovely. Clearly, Lorna Meier “gets” my book.

lorna's review

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