Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Boulder snapshots

I saw that card again. Inside the card it says "Things will get better."

This time it was in a toyshop and I stocked up with other delightful ones from the same publisher, along with treats for the girls. That was after I'd been to my first ever yoga class, with Wendy. You can't be in Boulder and not do yoga. 

Just like you can't be in Boulder and not eat kale. But you have to ask when you're eating out, "Has the kale been massaged?"  

Apparently, massaged kale is softer, silkier, sweeter and more nutritious than plain old unmassaged kale.

The other thing that surprised me was when a shop assistant said - "As you didn't have a bag for your purchase, would you like a chocolate?"

Of course I said "Yes."  I never turn down free chocolate.

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