Monday, March 02, 2015

not going there

Last night I dreamed I was pregnant, but I didn’t react as I usually do when I dream this – with panic, a hurried waking up, and then a time spent reassuring myself that there is NO WAY it could be true, because I have had a hysterectomy. No. Last night was weird. I was quite at ease with being pregnant.

Babies in dreams are associated with creativity and new projects. Maybe I dreamed it because yesterday when I was re-reading The Siege by Helen Dunmore, I thought – Oh, I really want to write another book.

I don’t, however, want to self-publish it. Nor do I want to hawk it around agents and wait for months to see if one of them wants to take it on, and then to be told by three or four that it is beautifully written, but too quiet to sell.

So what’s to do?

In the meantime I have episode one of the screenplay to add a touch more conflict to. The problem with episode one is that I have to establish that Fran and Sol love each other and have a happy marriage and yet by the end of the episode suggest that their marriage is under serious threat. A tough gig.

Also in the meantime, I have the patchwork sunset quilt to finish. More on that (and the unhappy ruching near the bottom) next time. It’s currently spread out on the sitting room floor on top of the backing and the wadding, waiting to be tacked together. That’s a shaft of sunlight on it, not a faded streak.


 In the meantime, it’s snowing.



Unknown said...

Sorry, for the "not connected to your blog what-so-ever" nature of this comment but...was Dave a teacher at Dronfield Juniors School around 1982/83?
I was taught by a Mr Hepworth and have many fond memories. The reason that I ask is that I've just found myself singing Mr Hepworth's "It's Time For Us To Go" song to my daughter just a minute ago when trying to get her upstairs to bed.
If it's a different Mr H then please ignore these (what must seem) bizarre ramblings.

Kind Regards
Rob Bembridge

Sue Hepworth said...

It's a fair cop! I have forwarded your comment to him.
How nice of you to get in touch.
How old is your daughter?

Sue Hepworth said...

And is that Bamburgh Castle behind you in your profile pic?>

Sue Hepworth said...

Dave sends his very best regards.
And also has fond memories of Dronfield Junior School.