Sunday, July 12, 2015

Falling in love again, never wanted to…

Dave and I have been going to Northumberland for holidays – on and off – since 1978. Last week we went again. It was five years since the last time, and we fell in love with the place all over again: up to our necks in it, we are. When we’re there I never want to leave. And Dave wants to leave even less than that. It’s like a sickness. An obsession. 

may holiday 09 131

I didn’t take many photographs last week because I already have so many. Empty sandy beaches, sea, castles, space. That’s what I like. And the quiet lanes with wide verges and fragrant hedgerows and faraway views of the sea and no traffic – perfect for cycling.

Holy Island harbour:

july 05 019

july06 017 

Embleton bay:

july06 030

Embleton bay and Dunstanburgh castle:

May 2010 193


Dunstanburgh Castle from the other side:

dunstanburgh on a windy day

The view from the tower:

june06 050 

Dunstanburgh Castle with sheep:


Yes, I am obsessed with Dunstanburgh Castle. Well spotted.

And just for completeness, here is the helicopter that rescued Loretta in BUT I TOLD YOU LAST YEAR THAT I LOVED YOU:



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