Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Writers' emails

From my inbox yesterday....from a writer friend...

Thanks, Sue. I had to read this several times. I just COULD NOT see what was wrong. Yes, I'd like to know about typos, please.

Why have you jacked in the novel?

This is about the hardest time of the year. The greyness seems to have been going on for so long. It really gets me down. Cheered up by video of panda enjoying the snow - have you seen it?

Am wishing that I could clone you, so that one of you could read my synopsis and the other could be reserved for reading my first draft.

From her inbox...

That is so bloggable!!
A clone of me!!
The world has more than enough with just one of me, I am sure.
Do you mind if I quote you?
I have jacked in the novel because it was not funny. The horrid character had all the best lines, and he was not on stage much (metaphorically speaking.)

I have tidied my study and now I can delay no longer. Either it is sewing, or it is planning the sitcom........
Love S ( the intelligent one)

Reader, I sewed, and then I planned the sitcom.

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