Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Sibling rivalry

I had a wonderfully entertaining and cheering hour-long phone conversation with my little sister yesterday, in which critiques of The Archers and Neighbours played only a part. There were a lot of laughs, and various bits of personal stuff. The things I can divulge are... we both think the present Tony Archer is even wetter than the one they had before, and we agree that Kyle should not have flown off to Germany with Georgia, and why on earth did he take the dog? 

Back to basics. 

The chat started something like this:

JEN: Hello. How are you?

ME:  I'm OK. I'm trying to be a stoic like you and Ma.

JEN: What have you got to be stoical about?

ME: I'm OK. I'm fine. Tell me how you are.

JEN: I can't complain.

Me and Jen 

She and me and Pete and Kath are going up to stay in Wensleydale soon. Jonty lives there and we'll see him, too. I am so excited! Five go camping! Well, OK, five stay in a holiday cottage which is a converted barn on the farm where our grandfather, great grandfather and great great grandfather lived. Cool, or what?


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