Friday, September 30, 2016

Thoughts from abroad

Americans may not understand tea, but they excel at bacon, breakfast, being cheerful, and teeth.

And Boulder, Colorado is a beautiful place with trees and green spaces galore, multi-use paths winding from the city centre to the countryside in every direction, and the Flatirons always on the skyline. For example, this is the setting of Lux's school...

Boulder culture can be a little extreme at times, viz.



But hey! It's nice to be adventurous (within limits - my thoughts and feelings continue to reel at the thought of that facial.)

The weather here this last week has been wall to wall sunshine with vivid blue skies and temperatures of up to 80 F. (26 C.) Today it's cloudy and showery, but then today I was supposed to be home. It's always been like that when I've visited my American family. My last day, or the day after I'm gone, it rains - here, and in San Francisco when they lived there.

A delayed flight means I'm leaving a day late, and it's helped the painful transition. I was so upset about leaving my girls, I couldn't sleep. The flight changed and so did my mood. Nothing was quite so desperate. We went out on the town, the girls had balloon bracelets ( Lux a unicorn and Cece a butterfly) and Wendy and Isaac bought me a hat for my birthday:

Tonight (D.V.) I fly home, and if Dave is spared (as he likes to put it) he'll meet me at Manchester airport and we'll drive home over the hills into Derbyshire where the trees will be as beautiful as here in Boulder, but there will be sheep and drystone walls, and my real life, waiting to be picked up again.

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