Monday, September 05, 2016

Why do you go away on holiday?

Why do you go away on holiday?

  • relaxation

  • a change

  • a challenge

  • an adventure

  • to see somewhere new

  • to find out about somewhere

  • to get away from your usual routine

  • to meet someone - either known or unknown


I ask, because someone I know told me yesterday that there is no point in his going away because when he gets there, he is there. i.e. he would like to go away on holiday to get away from himself. He would like a rest from being himself. He'd like to be someone else for a while, and maybe, he said, it will be possible to do that in the future. 


marmee said...

yes...there is a zen saying: wherever you go, there you are. These days we love to go on holiday to a real bit of wilderness, we go to a gamepark called Kgalagadi..huge : 38,000sq km. We stay in so called wilderness camps..sort of tented huts( 4 in one area) no fences, lions roaring on the other side of the canvas...huge technology...for me to be so isolated, just watching the coming and goings of whatever passes by the front door, mice and birds and antelope and a lovely thing called a whistling rat(!) , oh I dont know, it is a deeply spiritual experience. It eases me, it washes away the fatigue and the soiling of modern life.

Sue Hepworth said...

I'm a bit worried by those lions on the other side of the canvas, and I'm not keen on mice and rats, but apart from that...

Unknown said...

It would be a delightful treat to shed yourself for a bit. Especially if that leads to a greater personal freedom. Until then I'll keep trying on my mat. LRH

Sue Hepworth said...

Marmee - just realised it was only 'the roar' of the lions the other side of the canvas.

Little Red Hen - you'll have to tell me more when I see you.

Unknown said...

Absolutely. I shall hold court between episodes of Unreal and Seinfeld.

Sue Hepworth said...

Or maybe over a couple of margaritas?