Friday, November 25, 2016

Thanksgiving cum Bonfire Night

We celebrated Thanksgiving with our American family - the Colorado Hepworths - and with the family member who declines to be named, plus the newest member of the family - his lovely partner. We combined it with Bonfire Night, as Wendy has always wanted to be here for Bonfire Night and never managed it.

Celebrating anything against a background of breast cancer and mastectomy-talk was always going to be a tough gig, but I think it was a success. 

The fireworks were modest (and that's being kind) but the kids had fun. 

The bonfire was perfect ( thanks, Dave.)

We had Thanksgiving food and I even made a pumpkin cheesecake. I'm kicking myself I didn't take a picture of it to show you - it had homemade pumpkin seed brittle on the top and looked fantastic. ( Please forgive the boasting. I am no longer an enthusiastic cook and am impressed by minor triumphs.) But the kids disdained it. Cece preferred a homemade chocolate brownie. Lux had been baking oatcakes with Dave in the morning and she chose an oatcake spread with my lemon curd. 

Oh, these girls. They are such a joy.

Children by Isaac and Wendy.
Photographs by Isaac.


Liz said...

What joy! Happy thanksgiving bonfire night to you and your beautiful family xx

ana said...

Perfect post! Thanks to you. Loved reading that the girls had such a choice of homemade food blessings What special memories they will keep as they travel Westward as they will. Blessings of every kind to you and your family.

Sue Hepworth said...

Thank you, Liz and Ana.