Friday, December 30, 2016


There's been some slack in my schedule this week so I've managed to finish Margaret Drabble's latest book The Dark Flood Rises. I found the book rambling, with no apparent structure and no plot to speak of, and yet it was strangely gripping. I skimmed some of the numerous paragraphs about the art, architecture and cultural history of the Canaries as i found them boring (you know very well I'm lowbrow) but I enjoyed Drabble's style, I loved her characters, but most of all I was interested in her themes - aging and death. It sounds gloomy, but  it wasn't; I'm not sure, though, that a reader younger than 65 would enjoy it. For me, there were a lot of aha moments.

Next up is Patchett's Commonwealth, a wonderful present from Isaac and Wendy.

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