Saturday, January 07, 2017


I am home, sitting in bed drinking Yorkshire tea: it tastes better than it does in Boulder. I have opened the presents that Santa left by the bed, I have opened the pile of Christmas cards left on my desk (no of course Dave doesn't open them - you know what he thinks of Christmas) and on my bedside table I have this year's home made Christmas card from the OFF Christmas fairy. 

Yesterday morning was a blue time for me: a time of push-pull, mixed emotions. Getting ready to leave is always hard and not just because of the slight anxiety about making the plane, and the 19 hour journey ahead. After three weeks away I was so looking forward to being home and seeing Dave, and at the same time, it was a wrench to be leaving my lovely and loving American family. There had been such heavy snow that the schools were closed so it wasn't just a hasty goodbye after breakfast. When it was time to leave, four year old Cece hugged me and said "I will never forget you." Lux came out in the knee deep snow to wave me goodbye as my taxi drove away. 

It was the right time to leave. I can't tell you how wonderful it's been in the last few days to see Wendy returning to her buoyant, sassy self. Next week she starts her chemo. We wish you strength, courage, stamina and ultimately, astoundingly good health, LRH. 


Christine said...

Good to have you back!

Sue Hepworth said...

Thanks, Chrissie. x

Anonymous said...

Good news about Wendy - Glad you are safely home - is the snow following you maybe? Jenetta

Sue Hepworth said...

No. It's been raining on and off since I got home.
But I liked that January picture as a header.