Thursday, February 23, 2017

mostly for parents

When I was staying with Isaac and Wendy in Boulder over Christmas I got very attached to their Alexa, and as soon as I got home I tried to persuade Dave we should get one. No dice. 

Have you come across Alexa? It's a voice controlled computer that Lux, Cece and I used to tell us the weather, listen to the radio (e.g. Carols from Cambridge on BBCRadio4) tell us a joke, time the baking we had in the oven, play songs we asked for - e.g. "Alexa! Play I want a hippopotamus for Christmas!" "Alexa! Play Big Yellow taxi by Joni Mitchell." There are far more sophisticated uses than these, but the girls and I were happy with our very modest requests.

Lux and Cece use Alexa with fluency, as you can see from this tweet of Isaac's:


ndenim said...

Tell Dave that Sue really, really, really wants an Alexa. She's a lot of fun and we don't use her a lot. She was a gift. Now, one word of warning. If you have Amazon Prime (think you need to have it). Go into the app and turn off her shopping option. She'll pout. She loves to shop. Probably best not to have any surprises show up on your doorstep. Unless you quite like surprises. :-)

Sue Hepworth said...

She IS a lot of fun! You're right! I'll tell him.