Thursday, March 02, 2017

on beginning to write a novel

I'm struggling. 

I always struggle when I start to write a novel. The first few chapters are killing.

Once I get to Chapter 6, I'm away: I'm in the world of the novel, I think about it all the time, wake up excited about the next scene I'm going to write, and find it easy to ignore the sun shining on the daffodils. I don't even see the daffodils.

This beginning-a-novel time is worse than all the others because it's even more difficult to write a novel when you have zero hope that anyone will want to publish it. But that's another story...and it is of course not something that an author should ever admit. It's so dire for one's public image, and these days public image is almost more important than talent. But you guys ought to know who I am by now, which is why I'm coming clean.

My favourite book about writing a novel is this one:

Note the weird semi-colon after the title. What's that about?

The book is hilarious but also true to life. My writer friend Chrissie Poulson and I love the dark truths within this book. I showed the following page plus its illustration to Dave and it left him cold, so you might feel the same way. (TUH stands for The Unstrung Harp, by the way.)

That list of questions at the end has just creased me up. Again.

Happy World Book Day!


Anonymous said...

Think Dave may have something, on this one.
Maybe an in-joke for authors?

But stick with it, and happy book day.

lyn said...

I think it's very funny & I can understand why a writer would especially find it funny & painfully true at the same time. Good luck with the novel. I hope you get to Chapter 6 asap.

Sue Hepworth said...

I'm so glad you like it, Lyn. And thank you for the good wishes.