Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Toasting my big sister

You know how you plan a day walking with someone and when you wake up it's raining, and the rain is set to continue till three o clock, and the someone says "I'm not going out in that! It's horrendous! We'll get soaked!" 

My big sister isn't like that. She's game. She's laid back. She's up for it.

So we donned our boots and our macs and we set off through the woods in search of Mill Gill Force. We walked along muddy tracks, along puddled stone paths through fields, up steep slippy hillsides, 

across squelchy bogs, over tree root after tree root, alongside green velvet walls - oh you should have seen that moss! 

 - till we got to the falls. They were worth the trek, though the camera lens was damp and the picture not so sharp:

And here is the video. It's the first video I have managed to put on the blog, and I haven't worked out how to turn it round, so I apologise (also it might not show up on mobile devices):

By that time, Kath was wet right through to her pants (underpants to you Yanks) and the track only promised a slide into full frontal mud, so we turned back. At which point I fell over. Thwack. The strangest thing was that I didn't swear, I didn't even yelp. Is my big sister's stoicism rubbing off on me? At last! It's only taken 60 years. And here's a tip - fresh moss is a very efficient cleanser - of hands and coats.

All I really want to say is that if I had been with a lot of other family members - no names, no pack drill - they would have moaned at the rain, at the wind, at the wet. They would have turned back. Some would not have set out. Kath set out and never complained, and the trip was exhilarating and fun. Thanks, Kath. 


Anonymous said...

What a vivid and uplifting cameo, Sue.

Here's to sisters!

And to all those who keep on setting out.

Anonymous said...

Magnificent - effort and pictures - impressed on both counts but mostly that you went at all - Jenetta

Sue Hepworth said...

It was such fun! And also....it wasn't cold.