Thursday, August 03, 2017

Birthday girl

I've checked, and it's over six weeks since I put anything on the blog about Lux and Cece, so I feel entitled.

This was Lux the first time I visited and saw her in the flesh. She was eight weeks old and the family lived in San Francisco then.

Last weekend she was 7. She wanted a purple and green skateboard for her birthday:

And here is a recent picture of Cece and Lux out on the town in Boulder. Can't you just imagine them in 10 years time?

I miss them.

That's all, folks, because it's raining and I have an empty house for the day and I'm going to write. 



marmee said...

When i look at those girls I think their parents are going to have full and interesting lives!! These book teasers of yours!! Cant wait!

Sue Hepworth said...

That made me laugh, Marmee!