Saturday, November 25, 2017

Progress report

Well, Pete the computer guy says it's not cat hair that's making my keyboard stick: I need a new keyboard. But the laptop has passed its life expectancy so now I have to make one of those annoying I spend £60 plus on a new keyboard or get a new laptop? Boo.

And in the meantime, no more writing in bed. Double boo.

There is snow outside in the garden this morning, but in Mexico it's hot and sunny and Wendy and Isaac and the girls are having a brief dreamy holiday as a reward for getting through this past shitty year.  Regular readers will be delighted to hear that Wendy is doing well, and she has her final surgery when they get back.


Anonymous said...

Worth checking out the current BF deals on a new laptop?
Hate to think of you denied blogging in bed.

And wishing Wendy a much better 2018, with more sandcastles.

Sue Hepworth said...

Thanks! Currently thinking about laptops. it takes me ages to decide on items that require a big chunk of money.

I'll pass on your good wishes to Wendy. xx