Friday, April 27, 2018

Catch up

The Flatiron Flyer from Denver to Boulder takes 45 minutes. I left a cool cloudy Denver and arrived to sun shining on the Flatirons. It felt like coming home. I'd been away for three days and had a great time with Karen. Lux said "It feels like you've been away for three years." You try resisting these girls. Here we are after school on Thursday, just before cycling home:

Karen and I went to the Denver Botanic [sic] Gardens on Wednesday. It was wonderful. My favourite section was the Japanese garden because it was so peaceful, visually and aurally. The tree with blossom is common in Denver and is called a redbud.

But I had to take a shot of this huge and exuberant blossom in the hothouse:

I read the daily news on the Guardian that arrives on my iPad everyday, but I realised this morning, lying thinking in bed while Lux played Bad Piggies on said iPad, that I have no idea if the new royal baby is a girl or a boy. That's how much I care. I know that Americans generally are enthralled by Downton Abbey, The Crown, and our royal family, but it baffles me why Karen, a committed leftie, feminist, and ageing hippie, should also be interested in the new baby. She says it's because it's a continuing story. I know her political credentials, so I believe her.  

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