Thursday, June 07, 2018

Evening walk along the Trail

Liz and I took a walk down the Monsal Trail to Hassop Station last evening, 

and sat on the terrace eating tea/supper/dinner depending on where you come from and how posh you are. Personally speaking,  I was having my tea. 

Last year we tried for a similar event but the weather never fitted our opportunities. This year there have been so many fabulous warm sunny days and we made it at our first attempt. Yes!

We have never seen the countryside so lush as it is this June. The hawthorn blossom is finished, but now the ash trees are out - high and arching and vivid green, with huge clumps of ash keys dark against the sky. We wished each April, May and June were twice as long. We wished we could hold it all for longer.

The cowslips have gone, but now we have foxgloves, borage, birds foot trefoil, coltsfoot, quaking grass, dogrose, moonpennies and high waving grasses which are so inviting I want to lie in them, stroke them, pick one of each kind to take home and have in a jar on my desk.

When we arrived back at my house where Liz had parked her car, our blackbird was sitting on the TV aerial singing. Perfection.

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Anonymous said...

Testing, testing...

The sun in that last photo looks heart-shaped!


Sue Hepworth said...

Yay, the comment worked.
The question now I have taken off the my approval part of the process - will the comments section be bombarded with spam?