Wednesday, June 20, 2018

It breaks my heart

Last week my 13 year old grandson was playing a computer game and I asked him what you had to do. The game is called Fortnite. Players are parachuted onto an island and they have to scavenge supplies, build structures and find weapons to eliminate each other until only one person is left. The winner is the 'last man standing.'

I cannot think of a more hideous game. Actually, I can, but I'm not going to pursue that line of thought.  Apparently the game is so exciting and so gripping that some kids wet themselves rather than leave it to go to the loo.

Why do so many computer games revolve around fighting and killing?

Why can't someone design a game that involves saving people? It could be just as exciting. They could save refugees from drowning in the Mediterranean sea, for example. If there has to be violence, they could fight people-traffickers and vicious border guards and people who foster hostile environments for refugees and asylum seekers. 

And why not a mission to rescue children from cages? Or a mission to depose a racist, narcissistic, bullying, inhumane and dangerous president?  

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marmee said...

I have as yet no experience with the world of computer games but surely a mission implies rescue? And blood lust could be satisfied by overcoming the bad guys to save the distressed? And as to what is happening in america ..I feel like that painting with the elongated shrieking face! It is like watching a dystopian novel or movie but it is real, it is actually happening as I live my life. It is happening in a place that prides itself on its democracy. I cannot make any sense of it and it frightens me