Friday, September 14, 2018

The joy of screenshots

I just read Jenetta's comment on the last post where she mentions a quote I had on here some time ago. It's weird, because by chance I came across a quote yesterday also mentioning defiance, and I'd already cued it up for this morning's blog: 

The thing I love most about my iPad is the ease of taking a screenshot. I have a whole album full of quotes and cartoons and photographs I've saved via screenshot.

Here's another, relating to the great 2018 wrinkle debacle:

quote by Augusten Burroughs

And another I found this morning, which is a paragraph taken from Megan's blog The Scent of Water:

This last one is so encouraging.

And here's a doting grandmother screenshot:

Thank you, dear readers. It warms my heart to think of all the loyal blog readers I've never met, those who are with me through hard times and joyous ones, posts where I moan or boast or grieve or protest, who comment on the frivolous posts as well as the serious ones. You feel like friends. I know some of your names - Marmee in South Africa, Ana in Australia, Jenetta, Helen and Sally in the UK, Phoebe in the USA (?). Thank you to all of you. You make my world less lonely.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for continuing to blog, Sue. When I first began following you I had a long list of others. Sadly, you are the only one still writing for your blogging fans. Some gave up, some moved to other formats. Such a shame.

marmee said...

Time for a group hug!

Sue Hepworth said...

Virtual hug coming up...