Thursday, October 18, 2018

Anarchic weather

I've told you before about the anarchic weather in Boulder... and it's business as usual. 

On my first day here it was warm and sunny and we went on a bike ride to lunch where I had my first margarita of the trip,

photo by Wendy a cafe where the more observant amongst you will notice that the spelling is somewhat unusual. But the view was lovely, the food delicious and the margarita excellent, which goes to show that orthodox spelling is not essential for a happy life.

The next day was sunny too. Here's Cece playing in the leaves in the park.

photo by Isaac

But then we had four inches of snow and it stuck around for a couple of days. This is me walking the girls to the school bus stop.

photo by Isaac

The great thing about Boulder City is that they clear the multi-use paths even before they clear the roads, so I managed a long bike ride yesterday that included a great view of the Rockies.

Today the snow has gone and it will be T shirt weather this afternoon.

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