Tuesday, October 02, 2018


Guess what?  I dreamed about Robert Peston. He was staying at our house and he wanted to print out part of his work-in-progress on our printer, so I warned him about the state of Dave's study (which is more like an indoor shed) and when we went in the room, Dave had tidied it up. 

Do you hear that tone?
It's chipper again. 

I'm obviously happy, despite everything that's happening out there. I'm going to stop fretting: the time will come when I want to write serious stuff on the blog, and until then it's going to be happy fluff. 

Here is my favourite recent photo of my granddaughter Cecilia. That's her jelly fish hat, which she designed and made herself:

I'm going to stay with them all next week and she suggested I buy another whoopee cushion because she and I broke the last two through over-enthusiastic whoopee-ing. She's my girl.


Unknown said...

She does make some fabulous things. This is by far one of my favs too.

marmee said...

Oh yes that is some hat! There is this worldwide plague of dishonesty and self serving corruption at present. Here where I am we have just begun to extricate ourselves from a particularly virulent infestation. But this local version was driven by one thing only : MONEY! What scares me more about the brexit version is the strange sight of very knowledgable well educated people rushing towards an abyss they know absolutely exists, and their refusal to turn away. My opinion is of course coloured by the fact that we here in Africa would give our left arm to have free and easy entry for trade and travel but there you go. And then even scarier is the whole trump thing where law and order so well established ( even if flawed) is being dismantled. Again, here we are struggling and struggling to get all of that established , to get a grip on gender eguality , on education , on medical care in our 20 odd year old democracy and then to watch the trumpians bluster and lie and mock civilized behaviour ...I just dont know. And so for a bit I also have been embracing fluff. I am tired and a bit frightened and am taking refuge ! Happy happy visiting! Just do not forget to ward off the evil eye as you enter the kingdom of the orange buffoon!

Sue Hepworth said...

Yes, Marmee.
I don't know where to start in responding. But I don't think I need to. You and I are obviously of one mind.

Anonymous said...

I love the hat - the creativity and the innocence. A balm in a very confusing world. My 6 year old grand-daughter drew a fabulous multicoloure yoonicun (unicorn) yesterday which I would love to show you (and indeed have shared on facebook) - such joy in the moment. What a world they are growing up into.
Btw did you hear about the Banksey that shredded itself after it reached a record price at auction ?

Happy visiting

Sue Hepworth said...

Thank you, Jenetta.
Yes, the Banksy shredding led to a very interesting discussion at Hepworth Towers.