Thursday, December 20, 2018

Banging heads together

Do you ever watch programmes that annoy you and yet you continue to watch them, time after time? 

Two years ago I became acquainted with Gilmore Girls on Netflix. I loved it. I watched an episode a night, every night. And then the main character began to annoy me. I even blogged about how she annoyed me, hereI kept on watching, though, and ended up viewing the entire seven series.

In desperation at the juvenile and destructive behaviour of our parliament and my inability to influence what happens next, I've been seeking comfort viewing and having gulped down The Kominsky Method within a weekand having watched Grace and Frankie's four series yet again, I've returned to Gilmore Girls

But now I want to complain again. How can it be that Lorelai, the main character,  was a single mother at the age of 16 and without a private income managed to raise her daughter single-handedly to the age of 16, and yet she never learned to cook? She eats out every day at her favourite cafe: how can she afford to? In one episode, we see her clearing out her fridge of left over junk food and doggy bags. She takes a pizza box out of the fridge, looks inside and sees a sixth of a pizza and then closes up the box and crams the whole thing, food included, into the bin. She does this with the next pizza box, the left over Chinese food, pasta, whatever.  It made me feel queasy to watch this scene. Quite apart from the waste of food, has she not heard of recycling?

You know what I'm doing, don't you? It's called a displacement activity. I really want to bang the heads together of every member of this appalling government and their irresponsible behaviour in throwing away the prosperity of this country on top of ignoring the increase in homelessness and hunger and poverty and the ill-treatment of asylum seekers, and every other social ill you can think of. This week, with 99 days to go before Brexit and nothing yet agreed as to how it's going to be handled, they are arguing over whether Jeremy Corbyn said 'stupid woman' to Theresa May. 



OK, now I'm going to go and look at my tree to cheer myself up.


marmee said...

I soooo enjoyed The Kominsky Method! I have not watched Grace and Frankie but will give it a try on your say so. Oh my, it really is so odd to watch UK politics at the moment. It sometimes feels to me like none of of the lawmakers grasp that it isnt reality tv or pretend pretend!

Sue Hepworth said...

It must seem amusing to non Brits, but it actually feels quite desperate.

Re G and F, it gets better and better as their relationship develops, so be patient.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand why he can't call her stupid - its not a swear word - anything men are not allowed to say to women become something we can't say back and many of them are very stupid - its not a fact is our opinion, where is the dividing line - soon we won't be able to open our mouths at all. #1. I never liked politics - now I can't stand it (which is a shame as after years of not caring my retired husband is glued to all news of Brexit ) #2 can't get enthusiastic about Christmas but going through the motions.
I however really enjoyed Mrs Wilson

Sue Hepworth said...

Hi Jenetta, yes! we say 'silly boy' and 'silly girl' not 'silly child,' so why not 'stupid woman.' It's just another way of bashing Jeremy Corbyn and an attempt at a distraction from the Brexit deadlock farrago.
Happy Christmas to you and yours, despite the gloom. xx

marmee said...

Hi again! And no the brexit stuff is not amusing. For myself The UK democracy is one I have respected. Will do re Grace and Frankie. Went out and did our last bit of Christmas shopping today so now it is a ( I hope) peaceful wait till monday and I do my bit of cooking! Outside the beaches are busy and i have lots of gardening to be done! All happy wishes to you and yours and all the blog friends!

Christine said...

At least you have a lovely tree . . .

Sue Hepworth said...

Yes, it's a lovely tree, and I feel better than when I wrote the blog.

It's so nice to hear from everyone - Marmee, Jenetta, Chrissie, and to get Marmee's Christmas message.

I bought my last present today and can now relax. Cooking begins Christmas Eve.