Friday, January 25, 2019

Letter from home

I hope I can write to the end of what I want to say. I lose enthusiasm and energy so quickly at the moment. Yesterday, after watching a quilting programme that Jenetta sent me I was so inspired, I got out my fabrics to think about making something beautiful, and only got as far as this:

before I let out a huge sigh, and slumped and said to Dave, 'I can't do it.' 

But then I noticed the fabrics I used for Lux and Cece's aprons, 


and remembered they've grown out of them and I'd promised to make them new ones. So that's what I'm doing today.

Thank you - so much - to all of you who sent me kind messages after my last post, and for your suggestions about blogs I might like. I need bits and pieces to read when I'm avoiding the news. It's been really interesting seeing how other people present and write their blogs, quite apart from what they have to say. But more than the content and the ideas, the very fact that you responded so sympathetically to my request was wonderful.

I've felt loved by other people too this week, and it's helped.

I've been trying and failing to write a synopsis of the novel to send to agents, and despairing that I will ever get it done. Reducing 90,000 words to 500 and capturing the reader with the style as well as the content is the hardest part of the novelist's job. I've left it until I feel better. 

I've been trying to do nice things instead. 

The sun came out on Wednesday and I went for a walk above the village and loved it. 

There's something very calming and reassuring about being near tall trees in winter.

I went to see Stan and Ollie and that was good. Really good. I still don't find Laurel and Hardy funny but that's beside the point.

I had a sax lesson and was bad tempered and Mel loves me anyway. 

And I managed to stretch the whole of Series 5 of Grace and Frankie out over a week, which is impressive when it's my favourite programme and I've been waiting for it for aeons. 

For those of you who don't know the programme, it's about an odd couple: two women of 80 who live together. This morning I looked on Twitter to see what people are saying about the new series, and was surprised at the suggestion that Grace and Frankie are in love with each other, and that the next series should have them coming out and admitting it. Personally, I think it's a shame if a programme cannot be about a deep friendship without sexuality entering into it.

And now I'm done. Thank you, dear friends, for keeping on coming back. 


Sally said...

Morning Sue, A lovely post 😊 Fab photos, Derbyshire looks stunning in winter (& every season, just a tad biased)! I'm also boycotting the news atm... Happy apron making day to you!

Sue Hepworth said...

thank you, Sally.

ana said...

Those aprons will bring so much joy Such a rewarding project. Lucky girls

Anonymous said...

The aprons make me smile - have equal problems when faced with fabric - want to do it justice, want it to look good, etc etc, so much choice - sometimes have to just go for it. Making small things is best - I love quilters terminology WIP = work in progress PHD - project half done, PIW project in waiting, SnW - Stack and Whack (what on earth!?) or UFO - Unfinished Object... WISP = work in slow progress, finally FART - Fabric acquisition road trip! :)

Sue Hepworth said...

Those quilters’ terms are hilarious!

Christine said...

Glad you are feeling better. Do you really have two different sizes of colander? I am impressed!

Sue Hepworth said...

No Chrissie, this pic was taken in Wendy and Isaac’s kitchen. They have some wondrous equipment, twice as much as I do. But then I never properly restocked after the fire.

πŸ™„What am I saying? I DO have two colanders. One plastic and one metal, different sizes.