Saturday, March 23, 2019

Letter from home

When Isaac and the girls waved me off through security at Denver airport on Wednesday, I had an ache in my chest. I don't remember it being that bad before.

But then I arrived home to Dave, the green grass of spring, and the leaf buds on the hawthorn tree. It was wonderful. There was also the blessed silence after the hellish travel.

(Brexit never left my consciousness while I was in Boulder so there's no difference there. Nuff said. Here's a link to the Revoke Article 50 and remain in the UK petition, in case you want to sign it and haven't yet done so.)

There were surprises at home. I knew Dave had installed a cupboard in the back porch, but I didn't know he'd made a new boot rack in there and moved his bike to the shed. This latter may sound minimal to you, but it's huge to me. Now the porch looks orderly rather than a jumble, and hanging washing on the airing rack is a pleasure instead of an awkward struggle.

But the biggest surprise was in the sitting room: a telly!

After doing without one for 10 years, and then deciding to get one, but rowing on the day we had planned to go and buy it, I thought it would never happen. I LOVE surprises! Yay for Dave!

But I don't feel I finished recounting my adventures in Boulder so here goes...

I had a fun trip out with Wendy last Monday.

Breakfast out:

a pedicure, and then a drive into the mountains. A woman on Goodreads reviewed Plotting for Beginners scathingly some years ago, saying it was unrealistic that a woman of 50-something should behave as Sally Howe does. I have long wanted to tell her that it was based on how I felt at that age and she was entirely mistaken, but it's infra-dig for authors to respond to 'reviewers' about stuff like that. If she'd seen Wendy (42) and me (69) last Monday, driving in the Beetle with the top down and loud rock music blaring from the radio, Wendy and I singing along, and waving to people as we passed, that reader would no doubt have needed smelling salts. 

We eventually came down into the foothills, parked, and went for a hike.

And last week I went for a hugely enjoyable 18 mile bike ride with Isaac. (I was VERY impressed with myself - do I owe it to the magic pills?) 

Here are some shots from the trip:

photo by Isaac

Aye, but it's good to be home for the spring. In Boulder the grass is brown and dead and there aren't any blackbirds. 

Wendy said excitedly last week "I saw a hock in the garden!" and I said, puzzled, "What's a hock?" 

"You know," she said. "A bird of prey."

"Oh, we don't have hocks in the UK."

And Isaac said: "She means a hawk."


Anonymous said...

Hurrah for Dave ! Thank you for interesting blog post - was the hock after the erbs? Not to sure about the timing of the TV - have signed but I avoid the news while other half is glued to it!
On a complete aside - have you ever read Gerald Durrell? - "My Family and other Animals" made a big impact on me as a teen - re-reading now as am watching the TV series which I am enjoying very much - although altogether too much angst has been introduced for Austin - (probably because he has had enough watching the news?)

Sue Hepworth said...

Hi Jenetta
The TV was there when I got home. Dave bought it while I was away and kept it for a surprise. The argument, btw, was not about the TV but put us off the purchase because of poor mood.
The hock was after the erbs.
I will try My Family.

Anonymous said...

Yes a lovely surprise. Sorry wasn't saying it isn't. Do you have Netflx or similar? Is there cable in your part of the world? So much choice. Jenetta

Sue Hepworth said...

We don’t have cable in the village. But we do have Netflix. yay!

Anonymous said...

Excellent news about your return home! And those photos. They are so fine and capture the light, the space as well as the beauty and the joy of your family

Unknown said...

It was a great trip. Thank you for all the little treats as well. Xoxoxo LRH

Sue Hepworth said...

Little treats?
We need to speak about this... 🤔