Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Almost ready for blast off

I know I haven't blogged for a week, but I haven't just been swanning up the Trail on my bike, taking photos:

...or rushing outside in the middle of an evening game of Scrabble with Dave because the light has changed and I want to take photos:

...or drooling over my tulips:

...I've been helping to run a refugee hospitality day, and uploading the text of my new book EVEN WHEN THEY KNOW YOU to Amazon.



I'm just waiting for the front cover to be completed and uploaded. I'll tell you when it's all systems go. It will be the ebook edition to begin with. The paperback takes a little more work - a back cover and a spine for starters. I hope it'll be out in a couple of weeks after I get back from a trip to Northumberland and Mull with the Californian Aging Hippie. Remember the Aging Hippie?

By this time next week, I hope you'll have all read the book and reviewed it online in as many places as possible - Amazon, Goodreads, Facebook(?) - and told all your friends they HAVE to buy it. I'm depending on you, dear readers. I have no-one else.


Helen said...

Lovely pix. Exciting news about the book but would you mind awfully if I wait for the paperback? eBooks just don't smell right

Sue Hepworth said...

Of course, Helen, I prefer paperbacks too.