Wednesday, April 03, 2019

Sartorial ecstasy

I'm staying off B****t on the blog, because we all need a break. 

One day in Boulder I was looking for my boots in the shoe rack and came across some bright blue shoes and I fell in love with them. 

I tried them on and joked to Wendy - 'These shoes obviously won't suit you, so I think I'll have them.'

'Of course!' she said. 'I ordered them online and when they arrived I knew they weren't for me, and saved them for you.'

I don't believe her: I think she bought them with me in mind. She's that kind of girl. And she never wears blue. 

Do you have an item of clothing that brings you joy? Something that lightens your heart as soon as you put it on? That's how I feel about these shoes. I catch sight of them on my feet and I can't help smiling.

You may recall that a month ago I said I was going to treat myself to something from TOAST which was far too pricey but which I was buying as a 70th birthday treat? (Don't worry, this 70th birthday fixation will be over by Christmas.)  It was a pair of dungarees. I bought them and they were too wide and too short so I sent them back, but in Boulder's famous hardware shop, McGuckins, I found some I loved, which were a third of the price. I ADORE dungarees. I had three pairs in the 80s - bright yellow, bright green and bright turquoise - but we lost them in the fire and I have always mourned them. 

I asked Dave if there was anything he wears that makes him feel unreasonably happy and he said yes, his light brown carpenter dungarees (we are so made for each other) and his leather jerkin. He rocks his dungarees but I loathe his jerkin, which amongst other faults, is two sizes too big. I hate it, but now I understand what joy it brings him, I shall not complain when he wears it to walk down to Hassop Station with me. Sartorial joy is rare and should be honoured and celebrated.

See how happy I am?


Anonymous said...

Looking happy - looking great.
Thea x

Sue Hepworth said...

Thank you, Thea!

Lois said...

Smashing dungarees! Your Toast post inspired me to look at their sale and I bought some Salt Water sandals in olive. I'm hoping they will bring me(recently turned 70)summer joy. I've already stopped thinking about the significance of this milestone and am carrying on as usual!

Sue Hepworth said...

Hi Lois, enjoy those sandals!
I am looking forward to forgetting about the milestone too.