Monday, June 10, 2019

Monday morning on the Trail

One of my favourite times to cycle on the  Monsal Trail is Monday morning because it's so quiet. I set off at 7.30 in a desperate mood after reading the news, but just a quarter of a mile from home, I was already feeling better.

Last week Jenetta, a blog reader, suggested I should drip feed pictures of the vegetation on the Trail that are mentioned in Even When They Know You, so here are a few I photographed this morning.

These are what I call moonpennies - what do you call them? Oxeye daisies? They can be as tall as 2 foot high.


Rough chervil:

Bird's foot trefoil, on the cliff-top above Water-cum-jolly, Jane's favourite 'thinking spot'

And here's something growing by the station platform at Great Longstone which I can't find in my wild flower book. Do you know what it is?



Helen said...

Was that today? It's been raining all day here in Amber Valley. Beautiful pix. Possibly Sweet Cicely? Can't quite see the leaves. Hubby would know but he's on a school trip until tomorrow

Sue Hepworth said...

Hi Helen, it was still sunny at 11.30 here.
It isn't Sweet Cicely - I know that, and oddly, there is hardly any on the Trail.

Helen said...

Am clueless then!

Anonymous said...

Lovely photos.

Sue Hepworth said...

Thank you, LRH. xx

Anonymous said...

Well you learn something new every day so they say: I have learned much googling cow parsley vs rough chervil - and now know it can be very similar to Hemlock - wonder if your mystery plant is a juvenile Hemlock? Jenetta