Sunday, September 08, 2019


I’m on holiday in Wensleydale with my lovely siblings and just read two of them this great new review of EVEN WHEN THEY KNOW YOU because I am so so chuffed with it, and my big sister Kath said “Yes! I want you to write a sequel! Are you writing something now?”

“I’m planning something, so beware. I’m already collecting material.”

We’re staying in a converted chapel in Bainbridge:

This is the view from the garden:


Anonymous said...

Hurrah! - for family and for good reviews.Have you stayed in that place before - looks familiar? [I am mighty peeved that I have not yet found a way to have a link to your blog as a button (pinned) on my desktop on my new iPhone and ipad - on my old windows phone could see the link every time i opened my phone and was an easy option to check up if you have posted. I have it bookmarked but its just not the same] Jenetta (also not yet worked out how to have my favourite contacts identified - have to go through my entire contacts list if I want to make a phone call aaaagh! Hashtag (which I also don't have !) 21st century. problems.... (minor ones in comparison to many I do realise)

Sue Hepworth said...

Hi Jenetta,
Yes, hooray!
And yes, we stayed there last year. It's our favourite of the five we have tried so far.
The only thing I can suggest for your iPhone and iPad is to add me to your 'favourites' in Safari.