Saturday, November 16, 2019

Letter from home

Despite the desperate political news, and the terrible floods, I've had some good times this week.

OK, so we've been stuck inside unable to cycle and driving each other nuts, but one cold wet afternoon, desperate for fresh air, I went out armed with a stout stick and cleared the gullies on the quarter mile lane at the end of ours. Why people don't want to clear gullies opposite their houses is beyond me. All that fun on their doorsteps and they leave it to someone on a neighbouring lane. I drove home past them in pouring rain yesterday, the road awash with water because they were clogged with leaves again. Honestly! Don't people realise how satisfying it is to clear mud and leaves and grit from a grate and to see and hear the rainwater gushing down it? 

This is me returning home sodden and happy and looking like a sidekick of Foggy, Cosmo and Clegg.

This is me and my little sister 60 odd years ago...

Had we been clearing out gullies then?

Another reason to be cheerful was Series 3 of Atypical on Netflix. This touching comedy drama gets better with every series. I gulped down an episode a night, smiling one minute and crying the next, and I loved loved loved the final episode. But there'll be no spoilers here. Watch it, and if you've never seen it, start with the first episode of series 1.

And as for news, I was immensely cheered by this story of a Dewsbury butcher who has been discreetly giving meat parcels to families who can't manage on Universal Credit. Do follow the link and read the story. It's heart-warming. Here is his Twitter account.

Lastly, there's a new review of EVEN WHEN THEY KNOW YOU on Amazon:


Anonymous said...

I agree with the new review - I too am looking forward to a second read.

And that generous man deserves good karma coming back around.

Thea x

Anonymous said...

Love the novel review and love Atypical. My youngest sister recommended it to me. She is a writer and knows a good show when she sees one

Sue Hepworth said...

Yes Ana, the writing is excellent, I wish I’d written it.
And thank you Thea and Ana for your kind comments about the review.