Monday, February 24, 2020


We're into the home straight now and I haven't moaned about the weather this February, have I? Can I have a gold star?

I'm going to keep it up until the floods have subsided, even though we've had gales and rain here for three solid weeks. We are so, so lucky not to have been flooded. 

Our usual route into Bakewell was closed due to flooding yesterday, and I cycled down the Monsal Trail to go to Quaker Meeting. The Trail itself was awash in places but not impassable on a bike, or if you were wearing boots.

In Bakewell the river was threatening to flood the adjacent houses, and the meadows above the bridge looked like this:

I have lived here for 25 years and never seen it like this before. Nor had other locals I spoke to.

On the way home, cycling back up the lane, I noticed my favourite gully was chucking out more water than it was consuming. 

I've told the council more than once, but they have bigger problems. One day they'll unblock it underground and I'll be able to do my bit at road level. Still, there are plenty of other gullies still available for fun. 

Next week I am going to Colorado to see the chundies - yay! -

and there may be snow there, but there will also be warm days, and times when we can eat outside and drink margaritas in the sunshine. 

And there'll also be plenty of sunny days for cycling:

March in Colorado

Taken altogether....bliss.

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