Monday, February 10, 2020


I went to my first ever fashion show on Friday evening. How glam is that? No, I wasn't wearing sunglasses and legs and sitting on the front row.  

The show was put on by the Bakewell Oxfam group as a fund raiser, and the clothes were new and all from high street shops. 

It's a great way to raise money for a charity. All you do is hire a hall and sell tickets and do all the usual stuff like have a raffle and sell drinks, and a clothing company swoops in with a thousand new but cut-price items of clothing they want to sell. 

The clothes were modelled by local women while a compere told us what they were wearing and how much it cost. It was huge fun. The models were not stick thin and looking mardy, but had ordinary figures and big smiles. And the audience were there to have a good time. 

After the show, we were invited to check out the rails and buy some clothes. The fact that 95% of the clothes were ones I would never think of buying didn't spoil my enjoyment. It was such a fun way to spend a wet Friday evening in February with friends when you live out in the sticks. 

There was one item I liked but someone else had nabbed it. And there was something else I'd have bought if I'd been 17 and not 70:

But you know me, I can never resist a pair of dungarees.

This is me with Isaac 40 years ago:

And this is me last year.

Dungarees rock. The last time I wore legs was when I looked like this:

You think I should be a bit more dressy? Look. I live with a man who has five pairs of smart dungarees, and who's just been standing in the bedroom door interrupting my writing this by telling me about some woman he's been watching doing carpentry on Youtube.

'What does she look like?' I said.

'She's got very small hands.'

'What does she look like, Dave? Is she blonde?'

'She's got a massive table saw.'


Sally said...

I see we were not the only ones admiring the outfits in Little Women. It won an Oscar for best costume design. Wonder where you can buy? 🤔🤩

Sue Hepworth said...

I LOVED the costumes. I liked them all, and especially the colourful pantaloons.

marmee said...

Loved the dave comments ! Cherry on the cake of a lovely day this side! Glad to hear you were out and about and doing fashion shows , the weather sounded as if it might be apocalyptic your side.

Sue Hepworth said...

It has been apocalyptic since the fashion show. We are lucky here. It has been blowing a gale and raining hard and today we had snow, but so far no flooding. That all appears to be in the north west.

Anonymous said...

Fashion shows! The memories! As a 7 year old I was excluded from a school fundraiser because my outfit from the supplier included shorts!
The nuns were appalled ! The fifties! Another world. My mother dressed her children in jodhpurs as serviceable everyday wear No horses involved
Love your dungarees

Sue Hepworth said...

Your mother sounds like my kind of woman, Ana.