Tuesday, March 31, 2020

And here’s the back cover blurb

Me: “We’re really old.”
Him: “Fortunately, nature has it’s own way of sorting that problem out.”

Me: “I’m really fed up.”
Him: “At least you’re not at risk of cannibalism. If you were a depressed Neanderthal, you’d be an easy straggler for the neighbours to pick off.”

Days Are Where We Live is a selection from ten years worth of Sue Hepworth's honest, funny, sad, thoughtful and quirky blog. It covers everything from life, death, joy and grief, to bad-temper, spring fever, rejection, and Christmas in the shed. You will also find hilarious interchanges with her Aspie husband — the brains behind the ON/OFF Christmas — and her amusing domestic and family pieces first published in The Times.

Comments from regular readers:

Sue Hepworth's blog is an invitation to pull your chair up to the table and settle in to talk and laugh and set the world to rights.     Di McDougall

Your blog is a delight, so fresh, honest, real.     Ana

Your blog is uniquely uplifting - through thick and thin. A companion to my days.  Thea

It’s small moments of delight that I cling to for the year ahead. Reading your blog is one of them. Jenetta

Your blog never disappoints.     Chris Smith

My 'go to' place for comfort and inspiration: a warm, funny, moving and intelligent account of everyday life.     Jan Hill

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Helen said...

Ooh this looks fun. Bite-sized doses of joy are just what we need in challenging times