Thursday, March 19, 2020

Happy place

Good morning! I hope you're all well. I'm trying to keep my blog posts upbeat as my contribution to our current predicament.  It's easy today because I read some great news as soon as I woke up. Gary Neville, a retired footballer who now owns hotels, is making every bed available to the NHS. His staff will continue working on full pay and they'll be serving NHS staff who need somewhere to stay away from their families and infection. What a great guy.

And Dave and I are lucky. Hepworth Towers is a fine place to be, and we have what we need after Chrissie, who is not on lock down, kindly left us at the drawbridge those two well known essentials, shampoo and cat litter. Thanks, Chrissie. 

We have so many things to keep us busy, but it's funny how instead of getting loads achieved, time just slips away. Dave comes in to chat when I'm trying to write the blog, and instead of my thinking - Go away Dave, go away Dave, I just smile and close the laptop and think - What's the rush? I've got all day, in fact I've got four months.

Yesterday I had tons of emails and messages, phone chats with several people, and video chats with my friend in London and the girls in Colorado. Cece was bursting with excitement because they're at 'Hepworth School'! The manner in which she delivered this information and her beaming face was worth ten exclamation marks. And guess what? Their timetable has two exercise sessions a day! More exclamation marks. Good job, Wendy.

They'd been reading The Day the Crayons Came Home, and done some work on it and wanted to interview me as part of the project. Which colour do I rarely use and why? And if the colour was a person, what characteristics would it have? This morning I have to draw a picture of said crayon and email it over. It's brown, by the way.

They took Isaac and Wendy breakfast in bed yesterday, they're enjoying video playdates with their friends, and Lux made this custom #love jacket:

Another happy thing is I'm having a sax lesson by Facetime today. Whoop, whoop.

Last but not least, after receiving enthusiastic feedback I'm working hard on getting my new book out so you have something to read to cheer you up. It needs formatting, and oh my God a decent title. Yesterday a friend suggested 'Life and death and everything in between' and I thought Yes! That's it!  But then I checked on Amazon and other writers have got there first. More inspiration needed.

But before starting work I'm going out on my bike on the Trail - where everyone is keeping their distance while shouting friendly greetings in a way they've never done before. Here's a Trail photo I took on Tuesday:

I hope something makes you smile today. 

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