Sunday, March 15, 2020


Well, this is a rum do. There was I on the night of my 70th birthday last year thinking - 'This is OK, this is, being 70,' and now they want to lock me up for four months.

Dave and I both have loads of things to occupy us so we won't be bored. I am going to stock up on art materials, and reeds for my sax, and I'll try to grow some veg this year - something I haven't tried for 20 years. I might be glad of some fresh produce when it's scarce in the shops. I've thought of beans, spring onions and lettuce. What else is worth the effort and will be ready to harvest within four months? Any suggestions? Should we buy a small greenhouse and try tomatoes?

I have loads of knitting wool in stock, and I also have fabric scraps to make into a patchwork cot quilt for Mary's first grandchild. And Dave is going to get out our outdoor table tennis table early this year. 

He is never short of things to do. He isn't the most sociable of creatures, as you know. But he said this morning that he knew I was going to find it hard not seeing anyone but him, and did I want to go and stay with someone else for the duration? Was he thinking of his mental state or mine? 

It looks as though i got out of America  in the nick of time. Not only pandemic-wise, but also weather-wise. After a week of sunshine they had snow on Friday. Here is Lux with a message:


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