Thursday, April 16, 2020


It's another beautiful sunny day with a clear sky and the promise of heat.

This is me in bed right now, blogging:

This is the bedroom window the sun comes through:

This is the sunshine on the wall opposite:

It was like this yesterday and I spent most of it proof reading and correcting the paperback version of my new book, DAYS ARE WHERE WE LIVE. Every post-it in this photo represents things I needed to tweak in just half of the book. You might not have noticed the glitches when you were reading it, but I want it to be perfect.

There were no spelling mistakes. Most of the tweaks were italics and indents that should not have been there, plus a couple of unhappy sentences that could have been better phrased.

Now the corrections are done, I've decided I want to change the font (!) and also the line spacing - yes, at this late stage - as long as it is still easy to read. A change of font will make it lovelier in my eyes, and a tighter line spacing will make it have fewer pages and thus cheaper for you to buy. Dave and I have scheduled the start of work for 8.15. this morning.

Meanwhile in London, my amazing friend Het is stitching scrubs to be donated to the NHS:

I've lost count of how many she's made so far and she told me yesterday she has more fabric arriving next week.

I have another friend who has been sewing masks for the hospital where her son works. Now she is making scrubs as well.

If you would like to know more about this, here's a link to a Facebook group. And if, like me, you want to contribute but don't feel you have the sufficient expertise, you can give money to buy fabrics for volunteers who want to sew but don't have the funds. Here is the link to the justgiving page.

Foodbanks also need donations. There will be local ones near you, and the national foodbank charity is the Trussell Trust - here.

I hope you have a good day. Once the book is done, I'm going to collect a fruit box and then go out on my bike. If I feel brave enough I'll be standing on my front doorstep at 8 p.m. playing Over the Rainbow on my sax.


Anonymous said...

Dear Sue - thanks for the kind comments, but mostly for the promo of ‘For the love of scrubs.’

There are now 42,000 followers on Facebook, helping in whichever way they can - whether it’s sewing items (scrubs, laundry bags, headbands, caps) or offering resources (money, fabric, pattern tips, free labels, coordination activities etc.)

It is an inspiring groundswell of help, offering support, technical advice and encouragement to each other.

And no two ways about it - home sewing in volume and at pace is punishing!
Yet when I feel tired and hear myself heaving a sigh - I cant help but think of the people who will wear them.

They are the amazing ones, leaving the safety of their own homes to step into the breach.

Please play tonight at 8 - that would be wonderful.

Het x

Sue Hepworth said...

Here's to you, Het, and to all the others sewing; but as you say, most of all to the people on the front line - whichever stretch of the front line that is. xxx