Wednesday, April 29, 2020


Yesterday was full of adventure. 

I went out on the bike early, as per usual, managing to get home before the rain set in and hammered these amazing thick white dandelion clocks I saw on the lane.

Then late morning I got in the car for the weekly trip to fetch our click and collect veg box, and - wild excitement! - there was a spring cabbage in it. I haven't seen one since February. What joy. 

On the way home I dropped some unwanted mushrooms off on Liz's doorstep, knocked on her door and ran back to the car and she came out and we had a brief twelve feet distant chat - me in the car, she on the doorstep. Another joy.

In the afternoon I went to the doctor's to fetch a prescription and saw yet another person who wasn't Dave. The dispenser dropped it through a barely open window into a basket below. It was weird. 

I don't mind the rain for short periods. It takes the pressure off and I feel free to get on with indoor pursuits, such as the series of lockdown paintings I'm working on.

I saw this tweet yesterday from the best-selling writer Marian Keyes:

And at the weekend a columnist suggested it was OK to talk about the normal fripperies we used to talk about before the pandemic. We can't focus 100% 24/7 on the realities of life and death outside our four walls: we need to look after our mental health.

So here are my recommendations of gentle distractions:

Book - R C Sheriff's novel The Fortnight in September, published in 1931.

Film - Ladies in Black on Netflix, set in Sydney in 1959

Documentary - Becoming Matisse, on BBC iPlayer

Memoir - Days Are Where We Live by Sue Hepworth, available on Amazon here

Latest review:

Come on, you need to cut me some slack. At a royalty rate of 58 pence per copy I need to do some heavy duty marketing. Any suggestions?

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