Saturday, June 20, 2020


Today I'm going to start - not finish -  with the latest review of my latest book - DAYS ARE WHERE WE LIVE.  

It has been a quiet week at Hepworth Towers. Dave has been engaged in Kirigami; I have been struggling with the patchwork quilt. I always prick myself several times when assembling a quilt, and there is always blood.

Fortunately there is always Fairy Liquid.

Yes, it's been a quiet week, and one in which I haven't wanted to blog. I found this poem by Mary Oliver which sums things up: 

With the shops re-opening, the Trail has been quieter, thank goodness. Listen to the birds.

I'll see you next week. I might have something to say. I'm saving all my words today for the letter I'm going to write to my MP. There is so much to say to her.

Onwards and upwards, dear friends. And lots of patience.

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