Monday, August 24, 2020


I had been considering writing a post about my love of margaritas (which is only occasionally indulged) but while margaritas are certainly a treat and a pleasure

Wendy and me and a margarita

I am not convinced that a journey down memory lane back to 2003 when I first encountered one is worth the words. 

I decided this after considering hugs.

Me and my sister Jen, last October

I want to make an art work about hugs, missing them as badly as I do, and this morning I spent two hours trawling through family photographs and drawing rough sketches of some of the hugs I found.

And after two hours I knew that margaritas will never come close. I was 54 before I first encountered the latter, and found out how terrific they are, but my life was not impoverished or empty up until that point. 

If I'd never had a hug, it would be a different matter. I would be a different person. Imagine....never, ever, experiencing a hug. 

This morning I realised again what a lucky person I am. My life has been full of love, from the moment I arrived, 70plus years ago. 

I want to leave you with a quote I just came across on Twitter and really liked. It doesn't really follow on but who cares?

Don't ever save anything for a special occasion. Being alive is the special occasion. 


marmee said...

Oh that needs to be my mantra! I have been a person who wants to wait for the right day, the right time, the right moment. Somewhere during our lockdown I suddenly thought : here I am in the midst of a pandemic ...what have I left undone, unsaid, unread ?? And I am working at it. I had planned my monday but as I was eating my muesli my daughter phoned and said she wanted to go to one of the wild little beaches we have dotted around, I hemmed and hawed and thought of the chores and the cold outside and then suddenly came to my senses and said: YES! It was a blissy outing , wind and waves and no one else on the beach, my grandson finding stones and shells and feathers to give to me, the dogs romping wildly ! Yes now is the right time, no better moment than now. Thanks sue!

Sue Hepworth said...

I’m imagining you all on that beach, Marmee - how fabulous.

Anonymous said...

My Gran was quite an influence on me growing up as she lived with us for many years. She was very frugal and valued cleanliness. My most lasting memory is that of the small cache of embroidered nightdresses and special things still in their gift tissue, that we discovered after her death in her mid eighties from dementia. Always too good to wear. As I age I think of this more and more. Thanks for your own reflection Sue.