Saturday, January 23, 2021

Letter from home/ Scrapbook

It's less a letter from home today and more of a weekend scrapbook.

Here goes.

I mentioned a book the other day - Keep Moving, Notes on Loss, Creativity and Change, by Maggie Smith. When it arrived, I golloped it down. It's very short, but very thought provoking. You could read just one page a day and it would make sense. Now I am reading it again, much more slowly, and finding gems on every page.

It is full of thoughts to ponder, such as this one:

and this one:

I have already bought it for a friend and am wondering who else might find it helpful. In these dark times, probably a lot of people. You're likely to see a lot of these quotes on the blog in the coming days.

Liz and I had a sunshine walk yesterday, between Bakewell and Rowsley. We have floods in Derbyshire, as we did, two winters ago:

Dave came out with some corkers this week.

First, on a day when it was obvious to him that I wanted some alone-time, though i had not said so:

"I sometimes feel as if you think of me as a rather unsatisfactory butler who you would like to fire but can’t quite work out how to do it"

Secondly, after he said in his blog post that he wasn't an anxious person, I challenged him and said I thought he was. 

Me: "When I go out for a walk and I'm longer than you expect me to be, you're always anxious."

Dave: "Only because I've been worrying how far I'm going to have to carry the cadaver back."

I finished the painting of my patchwork quilt this week and I'm right chuffed with it. It's called The Landscape of my Bed - thank you to my friend Het for suggesting the title.


Sally said...

It's been a 'lots of weather' kind of week! Love the snowy photo from Monsal Head. We also have floods here in the Derwent valley, though glad to see that the water is now receding. Saw snowdrops on today's walk! Love your cheerful quilt painting 🎨 Now I'm going to investigate that book! Sally x

Lois said...

I think the painting of your quilt is lovely (quilt too!)

Sue Hepworth said...

Thank you for your kind comments, Sally and Lois.

Sally, we saw snowdrops on our walk too. And it was still light at 5 p.m. yesterday. Woo-hoo!