Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Sunshine and shadows

Yes, I have definitely aged since this time last year. I've been cycling all winter when it's been possible, but battling the cold and the wind has been hard work. And it has taken me until this week to cycle as far as the Trail bridge over the river and still have enough energy to get down (and up) the flight of steps to the river. I realised when I woke up the next day that I'd pulled a muscle in doing it, but there you go. Old age ain't for sissies.

It was worth it to sit by the river with my coffee.

I've also seen a lot of people for real just lately and that's been as energising as the sunshine. 

It's been odd, though...catching up with old friends from Sheffield where we used to live, friends who I haven't seen in months, has made me feel the loss of Mary again. If she'd still been here I'd have been sitting in the garden with her. The scar opened up again this week.

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