Thursday, July 29, 2021

Image problems

What do you think of the new header photo?

Be honest.

(I've just realised that if you are reading this on a phone you might never see the header photo - so to deal with this problem, I'm putting it at the end of today's post.)

I used to change the header every time I did a new post but Blogger has now made that impossible for me to manage, so I have to pick just one and stick with it, and I've been puzzling over what to use. 

I thought this photo was right, but seeing it up there makes me feel exposed and uneasy. Also, I look like an eminent someone on an arts programme being asked for their opinion on a new biography of Proust. 

It doesn't look like someone who picks sweet peas in their pyjamas and wellies, who loves riding up the Trail on her bike, someone who likes watching Atypical and Grace and Frankie and Virgin River (although I have to say that the latest series of VR (3) is dire.)  

I do like the photo. I like it a lot. Isaac took it when he and my other two 'kids'  took me out for lunch on my 70th birthday, so there are lovely memories attached to it. But I don't like it up there.

So the problem is - what to choose?

All my header photographs have been seasonal, and specific to the month in which they appear. 

I'm veering towards this one of our lane:

Or this one of our garden:

I have to have it all decided asap, because Isaac starts a new job on Monday and I don't want to pester him with my non-urgent tech problems after that.

Before I go, here is my latest painting, just completed:

'Still missing'
Acrylic on canvas board 35 x 29 cms

And here is a quote from Marc Chagall that someone read out in Quaker meeting on Sunday. 

“If all life moves inevitably towards its end, then we must, during our own, colour it with our colours of love and hope.”

I'm wondering what colour hope is, and what colour is love.

This is the current header photo for those who don't usually see the header:

Photo by Isaac Hepworth


Anonymous said...

I agree.

Having that lovely photo in the header from a reader perspective feels just a bit 'in your face'. So I can see how it would make you feel exposed. Funny how the same photo at the end of the post feels far more comfortable.

The photo of the lane is beautiful, but....

My vote is for the garden photo. As a reader, it feels like an invitation to take the empty chair for a while.

Congrats to Isaac on the new job.

Thea xx

Sue Hepworth said...

Thank you Thea. I'm glad you understand.
Chris on Twitter also chose the garden photo, and I think I'm going to go with that.