Monday, July 19, 2021


Well, it may feel like 'Freedom Day' to some people, but it feels like 'back to square one and a half day' to me.  I saw the tag 'Chaos Pirate Johnson' today on Twitter and on Saturday Marina Hyde coined the phrase 'this septic isle.' They sum up my feelings.


I did have a lovely time away, and I've come home feeling very lazy, which is why you've had to wait this long for a post. 

There are definitely advantages to going for a walk on your own. You can stop and rest whenever you want to without losing face; you can stop in the middle of a field of beautiful grasses and sit for as long as you like, trying to get the perfect shot:

You can sit in the shade by the river and finish your Anne Tyler book. That river - the river Ure - has such a delicious and distinctive summer scent it takes me straight back to being a child when we camped by it for our summer holidays.

It's a problem when you come to a bridge across a stream, though, 

because it's not much fun playing Pooh sticks on your own:

But then it's OK to walk up to the same spot at the end of the village everyday to try to get that perfect shot of Lady Hill:

And here's one from a new vantage point:

I also went for a long walk with my brother Jonty, who took a day off work to spend it with me:

You can tell from this photo how seldom either of us indulges in taking selfies...but who cares...we got together, after so long apart. What a joy.


Helen said...

Lovely pix of a lovely part of the country.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you got a change of scene and in such a beautiful place. Getting together with people we haven't seen is so precious isn't it. Glad too that Jonty was able to take the day off and you could spend time together. Thank you for sharing it with us. love Jenetta

Anonymous said...

From the last photo, it looks like Wensleydale did you good - so nice to see you both enjoying time together in a spectacular place.

Thea xx

Sue Hepworth said...

Thank you friends for all your kind comments. xxx