Sunday, August 29, 2021

A serious thing

I'm sorry but I have no words of my own today. Long time readers know that the plight of refugees tears at my heart - Afghan refugees are just the latest group. Perhaps it's because I love my home and family so much that if I were to pick a cause over all the other worthy causes (and there are so many) it would be to support refugees and asylum seekers. 

If you want to do something to help refugees arriving from Afghanistan, there is a helpful article with suggestions here.

Care4Calais is a charity supporting all refugees, including those from Afghanistan.

You can donate money here.

If you have suitable items of clothing you wish to donate to support refugees, there are drop off points all over the country. You can find the drop off map here.

The Red Cross is helping refugees from Afghanistan and people in desperate need who will not be leaving the country. You can donate here.


Anonymous said...

Thank you Sue - it is overwhelming to think of, so I am really grateful for the links.

Making contributions/donations to help is how to make a small but meaningful difference. Whether to those in Afghanistan who desperately need the Red Cross, or to the lucky ones who have escaped with nothing.

It's hard.

Karen said...

You are an inspiration and your words important and a consolation. Every day, in this broken world, I think about how fortunate I am not be (in Afghanistan)(in Gaza)(in Louisiana)(in ...) and how fortunate I am to really have all my material needs met. A simple twist of fate. It is not yet fall here in California. Parts of California are burning up, suffering drought, experiencing smoky skies, evacuating, living with temperatures in the 100s. I am fortunate to live in the Bay Area with warm days and cool evenings. We must often remind ourselves of how fortunate we are. Karen

Anonymous said...

Sorry, can't agree. I think we should remember that these people are often amongst the wealthiest in their own countries - that's how they can pay the traffickers - using their wealth to jump the asylum queue.