Friday, December 24, 2021

Christmas Eve

Covid or no-Covid, lockdown or no lockdown, ON Christmas or OFF Christmas, there is something magical about Christmas Eve: I always wake up feeling happy.

That's pretty much all I have to say. 

Except.. I'd like to know why people write in their Christmas cards that they hope I'll "have a peaceful Christmas."

Don't they know me?

Don't they know that what I want is a noisy, busy Christmas with the house stuffed full of family, eating and drinking and laughing and joking and playing games?

Well I've just checked, and all the people who wished me a peaceful Christmas are all younger than me, by one or even two generations. Have I reached that decrepit age where people think I want to sit in my chair by the fire and sink into a reverie of happy memories, rather than being out there, swigging champagne and enjoying the action? More fool them.

Last evening on Facetime a friend's young adult daughter popped onto the screen for a moment to say hello, and I told Dave afterwards: "She's even more beautiful than last time I saw her."

"Of course she is," he said. "All young people are. Their muscles still work, their sphincters are in good order..."

He WILL be sitting by the fire tomorrow - probably watching re-runs of Who do you think you are? - but I shall be at Zoë's house, cavorting, and absolutely not having a peaceful Christmas. 

Happy Christmas, dear readers. Wishing you whatever kind you long for. And as Chrissie said yesterday - May all of your test results be negative.

The sitting room side of my painting table


Anonymous said...

Have a wonderful time Sue - Merry Christmas is the way to go!

Let rip!!

Thea xx

Sue Hepworth said...

Thank you, and love to you. Xx

Anonymous said...

Cavorting - I like the sound of that. I hope you had an uproarious time (thinks : is that a word ? Answer:spell checker let it go so it must be) I anyway…. I just watched “Its a Wonderful Life” - am not sure I have watched it before, (pause to consider - can I have forgotten?) …… Zuzu’s Petals ….. thought of you.

Love Jenetta

Sue Hepworth said...

Yes, thank you, Jenetta, it was uproarious, but I can’t give you details as the privacy of teenage grandsons is at stake…😊

Christine said...

This made me laugh, Sue! Glad you had a lovely time. So did I!