Thursday, August 18, 2022

My week

It's not been an easy week since I got home, even though home is a blessed place to be.

On Sunday morning, my first day back, I learned that a good friend was in the local hospice and not expected to live more than a week. It was a horrible shock. She'd been in hospital under investigation when I went away and I wrote to her and said I'd visit as soon as I got back. This was not possible given the situation: understandably, only family were at her bedside. She died that evening. It's a huge loss.

And another friend had died while I was away. She was in her late 90s and it was not a shock, but it was sad.

On Tuesday I had to renew my passport, and taking the required photograph was not pleasant. I look terrible when I'm not smiling. My mouth turns down at the corners and I look mean. So I tried to turn them up without actually smiling.

Not a win.

The online government passport portal gave it a 'Good' rating but I'd rather have submitted this one which Isaac took in Buxton when we went to visit my painting.

photo by Isaac

Now I'm preparing for the next Refugee Hospitality Day on Saturday. My friend who died was instrumental with me and a couple of others in setting up our Refugee Days in 2016, and as a trained masseuse offered hand massages to our visitors - so welcome.

We have a new 'craft' to add to the others on Saturday - decorating coasters and key fobs. So far I have varnished 50 coaster discs so they will take paint or felt tip without smudges:

And painted two examples:

Dave and I have been trying to think of a way to varnish 80 key fobs on both sides - en masse - but so far have drawn a blank. 


The elder fabulous grandson got the A level results he needed for his top choice of Uni. Oh blessed day.

Now back to the key fobs. 


marmee said...

Goodness sue ! you have been experiencing such a rollercoaster ride ! Such happiness with family and travel and home again and then sadness and shock. Strongs ! As we say here. Lots love to you!

Sue Hepworth said...

Thank you, Marmee. It’s been hard. xx

Anonymous said...

Marmee put it very well - thats so tough. Sending love Jenetta

Sue Hepworth said...

Thank you, Jenetta. Xx

Anonymous said...

A mixture of a lovely time with the American family, the refugee event, the flowers, the paintings and then, sorrow and loss at the same time. Life is such a crap shoot sometimes and hard to deal with. I love your photos of times with the family, especially the one of you and Lux on the trail. Love to you. Karen