Tuesday, September 06, 2022

Love letter from home

We watched Have I Got News For You the other night; it was the special edition about our last “Prime Minister,” Johnson. I also saw a clip of Joe Lycett mocking Liz Truss on another show. Both progs were supposed to be funny, but you know what?  I can’t laugh, even at satire, at what’s been going on and what we’re heading for. Isaac said on the phone yesterday ( from Colorado) something droll about Truss, and I explained I just can’t laugh about any of it. I asked him if he could laugh about Trump when he was in power. 

‘No,’ he said.

In other news…I’ve been ill and I’m still recovering and Dave has been wonderful - like he always is when I’m ill. I just thanked him yet again for being so sweet and caring and for keeping the show on the road, thinking of all the plums he processed while I’ve been out of action.

This is just some of them:

There are hundreds more on the tree.

He said ‘It’s all so easy when you’re in bed and not being untidy and leaving stuff around everywhere.’ 

I laughed. ‘That’s how you see it, is it? That I’m the untidy one?’

‘Certainly,’ he said.

Imagine a NO COMMENT that fills the whole screen here.

Having said that, he really is the sweetest man I know. 

Now, if HE were the new Prime Minister the U.K. would be run with honesty, competence, justice and compassion, and we could all relax.


marmee said...

And your dave would be interesting AND amusing to boot! Glad you're better...

Sue Hepworth said...

Yes Marmee, indeed. And thank you. xx

Anonymous said...

Glad you have support while recovering. I started to watch have I got news but couldn't stomach it. I can’t understand how it is meant to be funny or even clever.
I think I need to plant a plum trees, we had a pair when I was a child and I used to climb up and sit in one for hours ! Plum crumble, plum jam, plum chutney… lots of wasps going after rotting fruit ..
I like your painting, looking forward to seeing more.

Greetings from wet wales

Sue Hepworth said...

Thank you, Jenetta. xx