Wednesday, October 26, 2022

Altering the face of the world

Well, they've seen off the liar, thank goodness, but, but...

We cannot rest easy. 

One reason to start you off? Sunak's put Suella Braverman back in the Home Office - the woman who dreams of refugees being flown to Rwanda. She's got plans for other horrors too such as draconian punishments for protesters, but I won't go on.

Here instead is this:

And here is some graffiti from the Berlin Wall:

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marmee said...

yes, my heart certainly sank when I heard the news about the home secretary. I am not a pessimistic person but at the moment I must admit to feeling a little afraid when I consider leadership and politics in the world! Been thinking about your I am not resigned blog sue, still considering my response but was surprised by the Edna St Vincent Millay poem. I am a fan of hers and did not know that one. Beautiful!