Monday, January 23, 2023



I always planned to come back on February 1st and say whether I was going to resume the blog or give it up, but I'm here now. 

Have you read the desperate news about the writer Hanif Kureishi? He fell in Rome and woke up paralysed and has been tweeting his thoughts and feelings from his bed, via his wife and son.

In her insightful piece about him in the Financial Times, Rebecca Watson said this:

This seems relevant to me and my blog.

But it’s done me good to have a break. I’ve been able to concentrate on getting through a cold dark January with the news getting worse and even more upsetting. For example:

A letter to my MP is in the pipeline.

This is the U.K., not some dodgy, uncivilised country. Or is that where we are now?

Up top in his bubble, Sunak thinks our priorities are these:

For his information, my priorities are these:

Fixing the NHS and social care
Realistic benefit levels
Fair wages and conditions
Proper funding of public services 
Compassionate treatment of refugees and asylum seekers

When I was a student doing my psychology degree I took the Eysenck Personality Inventory and discovered that amongst other things I was “tender minded.” This is probably why I get so deeply upset about all the things I rant about on here. But I realised this month that I really need to toughen up. 

One of my Christmas presents was a DIY neon sign. You shape a length of black wire and clip pink plastic tubing to it. The tubing is attached to a battery pack. I chose my word, but because I have fat fingers, Dave did 85% of the work. I wanted a sign I would see every morning when I am sitting in bed doing Quordle that would encourage me to toughen up. I might be wrong about it, but somehow  “Be more stoical” didn't sound sufficiently punchy (or neon-worthy,) so I chose “Courage.” 

I look at my sign when I'm in bed in the morning, and during the day if I get upset about anything I focus on the word 'Courage.' It has been working.

Meanwhile, I've been painting.

Acrylic on canvas board
25 x 30 cms

And I've been to London - of which more another day. 

And yesterday we had the most beautiful dawn.

I hope you're doing more than surviving this cold dark winter.


Shafia said...

Happy you're back Sue,I have missed your posts. Such a lovely painting too!

Shafia x

Sue Hepworth said...

Thanks so much for the lovely welcome back Shafia. And for the comment on the painting. 😊

Anonymous said...

Your painting is lovely. Glad to hear that you are making it through the winter.

Sue Hepworth said...

Thank you.
I have to say though that this is the longest January I can remember.

Lina said...

Welcome back Sue. We have so missed your blog posts. Wonderful painting.

Sue Hepworth said...

Thank you, Lina.
It feels good to be back. x